Our Story

Madame Brigitte designs travels for those willing to see more about France. She knows the best of France and we want to share it with you!

Madame Brigitte started her career in Travel Design by operating corporate events & official delegations tours in the Mid 90’s.

What motivates Brigitte is to make each trip a Unique experience: something special, different from other trips, exactly like a Fashion designer likes to create clothes that will make you feel better!

With 23 years experience, Brigitte has developed a huge knowledge about France, and what it has best to offer. She knows the best accommodation, restaurants, activates, must sees, … and out of the beaten tracks treasures in France, always with the same enthusiasm of showing the beauty and the culture of her beloved country.

From Pic-Nic in Versailles Garden to Week Long seminar in Normandy or wine tasting in Bordeaux Chateaux, she designed it all!

Selection of sights, Unique places to stay, Local food, activities, out the beaten tracks treasures in France… Madame Brigitte knows France and she understands you!

What motivates us is to make your trip a unique experience, out of Mass tourism. we craft trips only based on your needs and our perfect knowledge of France. This is why we call  Madame Brigitte, a Travel Designer